FD Style Japanese Can Opener


The FD Style collection of kitchen tools designed by Hagino Mitsunobu was created with the home cook, particularly men, in mind. Made from stainless steel, these rustproof kitchen tools are coated with fluorocarbon giving them a strong yet elegant matte black finish. The tools are ergonomically designed making them comfortable to use and easy to care for. These products excel in both form and function

Made of the highest quality stainless steel, each utensil is of a simple, robust design with a sophisticated finish. The use of rivets has been avoided, instead each part has been carefully welded together to maximise durability. The resulting smooth finish prevents oil, etc., from getting into the joints, keeping the utensils as hygienic and rust-free

Dimensions Length: 16cm Width: 6cm Height: 3.5cm Weight: 120g Material Stainless Steel with black matte fluorocarbon polymer
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