Pure Copper Teapot


Created by hand by up to 5 hot-blooded Jacob Bromwell® workers in Vermont, USA!  A Jacob Bromwell® product is an investment for life

As functional as it is attractive, this pioneer copper teapot is handcrafted from pure copper, and is ideal for heating water for coffee, tea, or cocoa. This is identical to the early American teapot and is a true collector’s item you can actually use. It’s made the same way it was hundreds of years ago. Pioneers carried them in their covered wagons, so they could savour a hot drink to wake up in the morning, or relax in the evening after exploring the unsettled West. Just be sure to use a kitchen glove when lifting by the handle, as the copper will be very hot!

  • It holds approximately 6 cups
  • It works over an open fire, as well as a stove top (gas, wood, or electric)
  • Heats water fast due to its large bottom surface area
  • Made of pure, solid copper and features a proprietary hot-tinned interior. Considered to be a long lost art, hot-tinning is a manufacturing process pioneered by Jacob Bromwell® nearly 200 years ago. As a highly-skilled, labour-intensive process, they take sheets of tin and apply it through a process of heating directly to the copper. Hot-tinning makes each piece unique and historically-correct to the original design, and also ensures that your product 100% food and beverage safe
  • Do not boil dry. If the tea kettle is boiled dry, it will cause the seams to leak. If boiling water, always keep at least a couple of inches of water in the kettle


Copper is resistant to corrosion and will never rust. If left untreated, the copper finish will naturally oxidise and age beautifully. You can polish it up to restore its shiny finish, or let it earn a beautiful patina




Material: Pure Copper
Product care: Hand wash only
Dimensions and weight: 19 x 18 x 11 cm, 1.36 Kg

Minor cosmetic imperfections may occur. Small imperfections are a natural part of the handmade process and lend charm, depth, and individuality to each piece

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